'Dry drowning' warning signs

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ARDMORE, OK--Most parents watch their kids closely when they get into the pool but turns out they could also be in danger when they get out of the water.

There are plenty of rules for kids to follow at public pools.

"No horse playing, you don't want to dunk people underwater or push them in they could hit their head" said lifeguard Hillary Rowe.

But the danger does not end when kids get out of the water, drowning is still a possibility, even on land. It is called dry drowning. Shannon Holland is a mother of three and said she has heard a similar term before.

"Little house on the prairie, and there was an incident where a girl fell in the pond and she inhaled a bunch of water but she didn't go unconscious or anything and the doc told her when you go home watch her, they called it second drowning" said Holland.

Doctors said dry drowning is a delayed drowning that likely happens when a child has a near drowning experience or inhales too much water while swimming. It could happen anywhere from one to twenty-four hours after getting out of the water. Holland said she knows what to look for after her kids have gone swimming at the pool.

"Watch for headaches, for vomiting, nausea, not feeling good, and those were some of the signs" said Holland.

Health officials said if your child has inhaled a significant amount of water watch for persistent coughing, shortness of breath and pain in the chest.

"The water gets stuck in their lungs and they go to sleep then you definitely want to make sure you watch that" said Rowe.

Doctors said kids with breathing problems like asthma, or who have previously had pneumonia are most at risk. They said the most important way to prevent dry drowning is watch your kids closely anytime they are in the water. And if you think they may be showing symptoms take them to the doctor immediately.

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