Fannin County cleans up storm damage

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FANNIN COUNTY, TEXAS -- Fannin County crew workers say that right now, the county has more lumber than any other county in Texas. They say that's because of the amount of trees that were taken down during last week's storms and tornado.

"A bunch of trees were uprooted. One of our county roads had trees just like you'd stacked them up just every which way," Fannin County worker Richard Owen said.

Not many people were closer to the Randolph-Leonard tornado than storm spotter Steven Teneycke. He says when he heard the weather alerts, he immediately reacted.

"Hit the road. Went straight out of my house, down my street and I was staring at it," Teneycke said.

Teneycke shot footage of the tornado forming. In the video, he says, "I've got eyes on a rotating super cell, I do have a lowering come out of the back, I do have a wall cloud,"

"That was a powerful storm. My vehicle was going sideways at two or three points. Zero visibility," Teneycke said.

Now, Fannin County crews are lugging trees around the clock to get the county cleaned up.

"Great big huge trees, pecan trees, so big we couldn't even cut around them with a chain saw," Owen said.

Owen says they've gathered many of the fallen trees, but they aren't sure what to do with all the lumber.

In Fannin County, Allison Harris, First News.

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