No Parking - Ardmore Gets Tough

6-1-05 - The city of Ardmore cracking down on folks who park their cars in their yard. They say it's to help with erosion, but some violating the ordinance say there is no place else for them to go.

This is what the city is talking about, cars on the grass and some even on the sidewalks. And most the residents say until they got a ticket, they didn't even know the ordinance existed. They say have to park on the grass out of pure need. If they park on the narrow streets they could get hit or broken into, and there is no room for all the cars on the driveway.

But the city just hired a new code enforcement officer and his only job is to make sure people start following the ordinance. If not, they'll have to pay a hefty fine of over $200.

"It starts erosion, washes the dirt up out into the street causing pooling and causing the water to end up in the drainage; it's not just an issue of their property; they’re effecting everyone else as well."

The city says it's the worst in neighborhoods in the southwest side of town. The houses were built in the 1940s and 50s and only made to hold one or two cars, not three or four.

In the past month the city has ticketed or sent letters to over 200 residents for violating the ordinance.