Husband of Fannin County Co-Op employee arrested

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BONHAM, TX -- The husband of the Fannin County Electric Co-Op employee charged with stealing over hundreds of thousand dollars from the company has turned himself in.

Tabitha Caplinger was arrested June 7th on charges of theft of over $200,000. Her colleagues say they think she stole the money over the 20 years she was at the company.

Officials say Jimmy Caplinger, 49, turned himself in Tuesday and now faces the same charge as his wife, theft of over 2 hundred thousand dollars.

Bonham Police say even though he may not have stolen the money, he is an accessory to the crime. Officials say accessories are charged with the same thing as the offender.

Officials say both Caplingers have been released on bond.

Detective Jason Boyd with the Bonham Police Department says now the case will be turned over to the DA's office.

"We believe that we have established that he was a party to the offense, in that he had knowledge of his wife's theft and also that he was directly benefiting from it," said Boyd.

We tried to contact the Caplinger's, but got no response. We also reached out to the Fannin County Electric co-op and they were unavailable for comment.

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