Avoiding Lawsuits - LG to Update Codes

We told you this weekend about the town of Dickson and a possible class-action lawsuit that could bankrupt their town. Now Lone Grove is calling a special meeting tonight, trying to head off the same type of problems.

A workshop is starting at Lone Grove City hall to review city ordinances. City officials say what happened in Dickson didn't cause the meeting tonight, but it definitely got their attention.

Lone Grove has been updating their city codes for several years now. But they didn't know codes had to be filed with the county every 10 years. It’s something they haven't done since 1990.

State law says if you don't file, you can only charge $50 a ticket. Dickson may be faced with a class action lawsuit making them repay thousands in traffic violations.

Lawyers in the Dickson case though say around 95 percent of Dickson revenue comes from tickets. Lone grove says they have other sources of income.

"Most of the city's money comes from taxes, sales tax, franchise tax. Then our water, sewer, and trash collecting."

Lone Grove says they'll have their codes updated and filed in four to six months. And of course, they won't have to repay any money unless someone who was ticketed sues.

The only other Carter County town not having updated ordinances in the law library is Healdton. Their last update was in 1983.