Bomb Scare Costs Manpower in Tish

6-7-05 - A bomb scare turns into a lost day of work at the Johnston County Courthouse today. After a two and a half hour search authorities didn't find a bomb, but they did shut down the courthouse for the day, canceling an entire docket of civil court cases.

The bomb threat came in to the court clerk’s office around ten o'clock this morning. The caller said he was mad at the Sheriff's Office and a bomb was about to go off in the clerk's office.

Tishomingo police, Johnston County sheriff's deputies, state troopers, the Fire Department and EMS workers all responded, as well as a helicopter and dogs.

Total cost of the man power is estimated at $35,000, money spent on a hoax.

Authorities already have a couple of ideas on who was behind this. That person could face a charge of making a terrorist threat. As far as the canceled court cases, they have not been rescheduled.

The courthouse will open at 8:30 in the morning.