Sherman Unveils Parks/Rec Plans

6-7-05 - One month after the 4-B sales tax proposal failed, the city of Sherman isn't changing its focus, this week releasing a new plan for improving parks and recreation.

You can see the number of people out enjoying this park. It's actually one of the many parks Sherman is in the process of improving, and after a decision last night, major construction lies in the future.

It's the season for enjoying the outdoors, and in a growing community, keeping up with the needs of the citizens can be a full-time job.

Jamie Johnson brings her daughter to play at the park on a weekly basis.

"She wants to be outside and playing, and it's important to have safe and playable parks," she says.

According to a survey given by the city of Sherman, she's not the only one who feels this way, which is why the city has been listening.

George Olson, Director of Community Services, says, "We'll try to do everything we can to upgrade our parks in accordance with what the citizens desire."

For the last six months the city has been formulating what they call a master plan, one that includes more walking trails, a new recreational center and brand new soccer complex, and last night the City Council approved it, a decision many people have been anticipating.

"Soccer parks are always good, and the walking trails are always great to have."

Now that the plan has been accepted by the City Council, the next step is getting the funding. Some of the smaller, less expensive improvements will be made first and then on to the bigger additions.

The entire plan approved last night will cost over $50 million, but now that it's been approved, the city is eligible to compete for a number of grants from the state to make it happen.