Denison drowning victim being called heroic

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RED RIVER, OKLAHOMA -- 38-year-old Kenneth Brandon Cowart saved two boys from drowning at Denison Dam yesterday, but lost his life in the process.

Authorities say the two boys were struggling in the current after the dam's hydro-powered gates opened.

Cowart saw them, jumped in and pulled them out, but wasn't able to save himself.

Officials say there're many signs around the dam warning people about the dangerous strength of the water when the gates are open. There are also sirens to warn people to get out of the water.

Some people say Cowart's actions are heroic.

"He jumped in to do what he thought was the right thing, to help two kids, and he paid the ultimate price," Parkey said.

Officials say to protect yourself from a drowning accident, become a smart, strong swimmer.