Exchange Student Saved From Drowning

6-8-05 - A foreign exchange student probably owes his life to several good samaritans who saved him from drowning at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area Wednesday. The 22-year-old was swimming in Little Niagra when he went under and didn't resurface.

It only took a few seconds for this day of leisure to turn into a day of rescue.

"My sister noticed a guy jump in and wasn't coming up and I few and few seconds and I started screaming.”

A 22-year-old, who didn't know how to swim very well, jumped in to the deep end of the pool. After he didn't resurface, five people pulled him out of the water.

One woman began performing CPR.

"He started spitting up water and then I gave him a second breath and that's when he started breathing on him own.”

"The first three minutes are critical because after that you will have brain damage without the oxygen getting to it the quicker you get oxygen the better.”

And thankfully by the time park rangers arrived the victim wasn't just breathing, he was conscious.

"I’m in shock I never thought I would have to use CPR in real life and I’m just happy I knew how to do it and that I had the courage to do it.

The 22-year-old has been air lifted to University Hospital in Oklahoma City. No word on his condition. He is an exchange student from Malaysia traveling with a church group from Shawnee.