Search unsuccessful for suspected drowning victim at Lake Texoma

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SHERWOOD SHORES, TX -- After nearly six hours, the search for a missing man at Lake Texoma has been called off. Park rangers say they do believe the man has drowned.

They will begin dragging the lake again tomorrow, but now, their focus is on recovering the man's body.

Just before 3:00, Wednesday afternoon, a man was swimming near his boat near Sherwood Shores, just east of the Willis bridge.
BJ Parkey with the Army Corp. of Engineers says the man started to struggle, so his wife took action.

Amanda Richardson says she saw it all happen.

"Several life jackets. Then, she got down to what I figured was the bottom of the pile, had an orange one and started waving it in the air, and my husband and I decided 911 needed to be called," Richardson said.

The man was not able to get to any of the life jackets that were thrown to him.

"He was just bobbing. Wasn't waving his arms or anything, just bobbing. And the next thing we know he wasn't bobbing no more," said Richardson.

Richardson says it all took place in no more than ten minutes.

The Army Corps. of Engineers, the Texas Lake Patrol, Sherwood Shores and Gordonville Volunteer Fire Departments and the Denison dive team began searching the 15 foot deep area for about six hours.
They called off the search at dark.

Game Warden, Dale Moses, says the dive team thought they may have seen the man's body on sonar, but so far have not had any luck.