Willis Bridge drowning victim identified

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GORDONSVILLE, TEXAS -- Yesterday, at the same time a vigil started for one local drowning victim, 62 year-old Michael Dobbs, from Keller, drowned near Sherwood Shores at Lake Texoma.

After two days of searching, his body was recovered around 3:30 this afternoon. This is the third drowning in our area in the past week.

People out on the lake today say they're taking extra precaution.

In just one week, two men have drowned at Lake Texoma.

Wednesday, a man swimming near Sherwood Shores, went under and never resurfaced. His body was discovered Thursday.

Lake-goers say it's a tragic reminder of the water's power.

"Well I usually don't wear a life jacket, but since that guy drowned, I've been wearing a life jacket," lake-goer Clayton Fangman said.

The Weathers family and friends are camping out at the lake and say they do everything they can to prevent a tragedy like this one from happening to their loved ones.

We never swim right here because we never know the depth of the water. Our kids always have their life jacket on when they're in the boat and when we're over there swimming," Rhonda Weathers said.

That's what the CDC suggests: don't swim alone, wear a life jacket and watch young children.

"'Cause you never know what's under the water or what might happen. We've been coming here for years but we still don't take for granted that we know the area because it changes all the time. That's the nature of a lake," Matthew Waters said.

B.J. Parkey with the Army Corps of Engineers adds that knowing how to swim is critical.

"If you accidentally fall in the water, be able to tread water for a minute. Having the ability to swim 50-55 yards if your life depended on it," Parkey said.

For more information on unintentional drowning and how to prevent it, visit http://www.cdc.gov/HomeandRecreationalSafety/Water-Safety/waterinjuries-factsheet.html/

In Gordonsville, Allison Harris, First News.