Trailer Park Fight in Court

A Bonham man was in a fight with the city today. He won't budge, despite an eviction notice. Today a jury stepped in.

Charles McDonald says, "I had abolished all my life savings plus my retirement to buy that and to be there to where I would have a place to live for the rest of my life."

Charles McDonald was one of nearly 25 residents who made their home at an RV campsite on Lake Bonham. Two years ago they all received the same eviction notice from the city, claiming the campsite was contaminating the water. Everyone left but one.

"Everyone else had places to live and to go to. I have no money and no reserve, as soon as I run out of money the lawyer dropped me."

But sympathy did not find its way into the courtroom today. The plaintiff proved the lease McDonald signed says the city owns the land and can take it back, and the jury agreed.

Peter Munson, attorney, says, "He could not present any legal basis for him to retain possession of the property."

City officials testified they sent several eviction notices to McDonald, but never got a response.

"The city needs to get on with its business and protect its citizens and water supply, and the city intends to do whatever is necessary."

"I'm not trying to stop the city's progress in any way, but I don't think that I should be left destitute ‘cause the city has failed in their obligation to provide clean drinking water."

The county is giving McDonald five days to vacate the property. He does have the right to file claims against the city to get more money for the property.