Cop Resigns Amid Accusations

6-22-05 - A part-time police officer in Achille, Oklahoma is out of a job after being accused of giving beer to an underage girl. The reserve officer is also being investigated and could face charges.

Reserve Officer Colt Pietschmann had only been with the Achille Police Department two months before he resigned Sunday facing accusations of giving beer to a teenage girl.

According to this police report, Officer Pietschmann gave the 18-year-old girl a beer to drink while they were at his home last Saturday night. When the teen's foster mother went to pick her up she smelled alcohol on her breath and reported the incident to police.

At first, the officer denied the teenager's story, but less than 24 hours later he turned in his letter of resignation admitting he lied out of fear for his job.

Officer Pietschmann is roommates with another Achille police officer who was home when the incident happened, but he denies any involvement.

Today, the Bryan County DA's office assigned an investigator to this case, but so far no charges have been filed.