Power Struggle - Battle Over Electric Lines

6-22-05 - Several landowners in Love County aren't giving the right of way to electric companies wanting to install power lines. Now the power companies are taking the landowners to court.

A land battle down in Love County tonight, all over electrical power lines.

Western Farmers Electrical Co-Op is trying to add three more miles of electricity from the main area of Thackerville to down near the Winstar Casino. They want to bring more electricity to the growing area. But landowners claim their using the imminent domain law to give Winstar more electricity not the other residents. They refuse to sell the land and told the electric company to find a different route. But instead Western Farmers is taking them to court.

The company also says once the electrical lines are up, all residents in that area will have better service and less power outages. Both sides will meet in court July 12 for a public hearing on the issue.