Great Days in Grayson County

An annual Texoma tradition kicked off this week. Great Days of Service started as a partnership between two churches in Sherman, but ten years later, its grown throughout Grayson County.

Great Days of Service has grown to almost 1000 volunteers. And as much as these volunteers give, they get plenty back in return.

Many of the volunteers for Great Days of Service have seen this project through.

This annual gathering of church and civic volunteers takes on a lot of responsibility.

Heavy repair work started on 10 houses yesterday, and volunteers vow not to put up the tools until the project's complete. But the good vibes at work reach beyond the walls.

Youth groups, side by side with older church members, chip away at the hardships the homes have seen. The volunteers will see through each project, start to finish.

Great Days of Service includes 14 different categories, from painting and home repair, to making baby clothes, and sharing time with nursing home patients. Another goal of this event is bringing together people from different backgrounds.

Organizers say no church group can work alone on a project, instead they're blending together for one united cause.