Operation Fresh Food

6-23-05 - Marietta may have a short-term solution to its lack of a grocery store in town. A committee of city leaders and local churches worked out a plan today to bus senior citizens and the disabled to Ardmore for grocery shopping.

Next Tuesday Operation Fresh Food will start at the door steps of Marietta Nutrition Center.

Buses will be waiting to take folks to Ardmore.

City and church leaders came up with the idea at a meeting Thursday. They feel Marietta has to0 many elderly residents and low income families not to get a busing system together.

The group plans to travel to Ardmore twice a week, meeting at the Nurtrition at 1 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday.

They'll first bus residents to the Braum's grocery store off I-35 in Ardmore. But as time goes on they will branch out to other stores in the area.

Murray McMurray, Thackerville representative, said, “The elderly is the hardest group to reach sometimes shut in may be too embarrassed to come forward so we have to do something so we can reach those people.

Now this is just a first step.

The group is also looking at getting food vendors to hold a farmers market once a week at either the hospital or the Old Nichols parking lot.

During the trips to Ardmore, folks from operation fresh food will also buy groceries for residents who can't leave their homes.