Robbery Suspect Confession

6-26-05 - The so-called 'I-35 corridor robber' is admitting to police he committed at least two of the 15 robberies up and down the I-35 corridor over the past several months.

Lindsay police interrogated 50-year-old James Willeford of Pauls Valley late Friday night and they say they were stunned at how quickly he confessed to the robbery in their city. The police chief says Willeford began cyring and admitted to two Garvin County robberies in the first ten minutes. He told them he robbed a grocery store in Lindsay by phoning in a car wreck across the street. He committed the robbery when police left for the accident. He stole more than $13,000.

Willeford says he needed the money to pay a man he owed for drugs in Oklahoma City. He claims the man was threatening his family. He says the string of robberies following the first were to pay for his own drug use. Police say Willeford was depressed and suffering withdrawal in jail.

Other local authorities with robberies in their area will also be able to interrogate Willeford. He could face several additional charges this week. He is in the Garvin County jail on 2.3 million dollars bond.