Crowd Cheers - Jackson Vindicated

6-13-05 - Michael Jackson is innocent on all charges. A California jury delivered that verdict today -- on the seventh day of deliberations. It found Jackson not guilty on all counts in his molestation and conspiracy trial -- setting off screams and cheers among fans gathered outside the Santa Maria, California, courthouse.

Jackson faced ten charges of molesting a teenage boy, plying him with alcohol and conspiring to hold him and his family hostage.

The jury reached the verdict after a 14-week trial in which the accuser took the stand but Jackson didn't.

One juror says the process was simple -- they all "just looked at the evidence and pretty much agreed" that Michael Jackson was innocent.
The jurors who acquitted the singer on all counts say they made it a point from the beginning to look at Jackson as an ordinary person, not a star. They say from there, it was easier to deal with the case.

They say the intense media glare on the case didn't make them
uncomfortable. What did make one juror uncomfortable was the mother
of Jackson's accuser. Juror number five says she remembers the
woman snapping her fingers at the jury. The juror says she thought
to herself -- "don't snap your fingers at me, lady."

Another juror says she wonders why the accuser was allowed to
stay with Jackson so long -- saying no mother "in her right mind" would let her child just go off and sleep with someone, Michael Jackson or anyone else.