Deaths of NJ Boys "Accidental"

6-25-05 - A hard rain on the night three New Jersey boys went missing may have hampered searchers looking for them. The boys were found dead in the trunk of a car last night -- in the same yard where they were last seen.

Heavy showers may have muffled any noises from the well-insulated trunk, which was parked far enough from the house to make it difficult to hear any voices coming from it.

Also, a prosecutor says the hydraulic plunger that keeps the trunk from closing wasn't working, so the lid was able to swing close and lock as soon as the boys stopped propping it up.

The father of one of the boys found the bodies following a massive, two-day search. Authorities say the boys, ages five, six and eleven, died from accidental suffocation. Foul play is not suspected.

The police chief says a report on the handling of the search will be issued within 30 days.