Heartland Flyer Keeps Rolling

6-14-05 - On the 6th anniversary of the Heartland Flyer, Oklahoma is providing a permanent fund of $2 million to keep the passenger train service running. The Flyer takes passengers from Oklahoma City to Ft Worth daily, making stops in cities like Ardmore and Gainesville. Which means Ardmore's downtown could see even more growth.

Since the train started picking up and dropping off passengers in Ardmore's downtown six years ago, a lot has changed.

The Santa Fe Depot has been renovated and downtown shops and restaurants have seen a spike in business and with a trolley on its way some Ardmore leaders say this small city is about to get more of a big town feel.

Carey Baldwin, Ardmore Main Street Authority, said, "People are going to start using this a lot more and when we get the trolley it will pick them up here and take them to downtown to the convention center - it's going to take people places they may not have been."

Folks also say keeping the Heartland Flyer around will allow kids to get a little taste of history.

This past spring many schools in the southern Oklahoma area used the train for their yearly field trips.