Sherman Boy Catches Alligator

6-14-05 - A young boy caught an alligator yesterday at Cherry Street Park, something that hasn't happened in Sherman in more than 15 years.

This small creek sits right along a neighborhood, and a Sherman city park where many children come to play each day. Some even catch a few crawdads here, but yesterday it was home for something larger.

Damian Taylor was ankle-deep in the water when he spotted a small alligator about two feet long. He jumped out, baited his hook with a worm and actually got the gator to bite. He managed to haul the 25-pound gator to shore.

"It just started swimming and splashing water and I put it in this basket I had and went home and showed it to my mom," said Damian.

That little alligator actually weighs 25 pounds. Animal Control suspects it was possibly someone's pet that got out. The game warden is now transporting the gator back to its natural habitat.