DNA Evidence Re-Examined

6-27-05 - A 23-year-old murder case in Ada with decades of twists and turns has almost reached its final chapter. But defense attorneys for Glen Gore have requested evidence from the scene of the murder be re-examined for DNA.

Gore is on Oklahoma's Death Row for the December 1982 murder of 21-year-old Debra Sue Carter. Carter was beaten, raped, and suffocated in her Ada loft apartment.

In 1988, two men were wrongly convicted of Carter's murder and served 11 years in prison, before DNA evidence cleared them in April 1999. The DNA evidence at the scene matched another man-- Glen Gore. Gore was convicted in May of 2002. The case has been appealed to the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals. Defense attorneys for Gore have sent a pair of blue jeans from Carter's apartment to be tested for DNA. Carter was wearing the jeans the night of the murder, but they were never tested because there was no obvious evidence on them. Gore's DNA was discovered at the scene and on Carter's body.

The Court of Criminal Appeals decision on the Gore case is expected soon.