State Parks Prepare for Busy Season

6-28-05 – Steve Cooke, park host, said, “I wake up in the morning and have a cup of coffee.” He adds, “Watch the deer outside the door in the evening. I watch the armadillos rooting around the campsite and occasionally I catch a raccoon trying to get into the cooler."

With his trusty companion, "bear", Steve helps maintain the Eisenhower camp grounds and facilities, as a park host.

To keep operating costs down, Texas parks provide hosts with free camping for two months a year. Who in return, work 24 hours a week.

Richard Kellogg, Eisenhower State Park Asst. Mgr., said, “Without the park hosts, we'd really be hurting the upkeep of the park, just the facilities and day to day maintenance would really be struggling."

With the 4th of July right around the corner, the grounds at Eisenhower are starting to fill up with day trippers, and overnighters, but the one camping asset in short supply, the park hosts, which poses a problem for Eisenhower officials, recruiting park hosts.

The busiest months of the year are March through November and with the anticipated arrival of thousands at Eisenhower this coming weekend, the three park hosts here could use some help.

Those interested in park hosting for the remaining summer season - winter months are already booked - can contact Eisenhower park at (903)465-1956 for an application.