Cash Reward for Fugitive

6-29-05 – There is a $10,000 reward for a material witness in an upcoming trial who is on the run from authorities. 27-year-old Jeremy William Toomey served eleven years in a youth facility for second degree murder. He and his step-father were convicted of murdering a California state trooper over a decade ago.

Around the time Jeremy was released, a federal court ordered a retrial for his step-father. Since then, he’s been on the run, last seen in Bryan County in April. He is the only eye witness to his step-father shooting and killing the trooper.

Toomey’s hiding has already postponed one trial in January 2004 and left the latest trial in April with a hung jury. With a new trial that begins in three weeks, authorities are offering a $10,000 reward in effort to find him.

In an interview following the murder, Toomey told authorities his step-father shot the trooper in the face with a gun. If he refuses to testify, that interview will still be admissible.

If you have any information call 911 or the Oklahoma Highway Patrol at 580-924-2601.