Business Boost for Local Entrepreneurs

7-7-04 - Small businesses struggle to survive and starting up from scratch can pose a whole new set of challenges, but a developing resource could help entrepreneurs in North Texas on their way.

At a Workforce Texoma meeting in January, a presentation on entrepreneurship got local civic leaders thinking about where in Texoma could entrepreneurs best use business planning skills. The answer: Fannin County and the town of Muenster.

“It’s very seldom you see someone who’s well-versed in all three areas of having a successful business—the product or service, the marketing, and also the financial management of business,” says Rozelle Fowler, Facilitator for the North Texas Enterprise Project.

Within the next month, the 50-person board will complete guidance training, and the facilitator will begin recruiting entrepreneurs for the free service.

William Easley, of Fannin County, will be one of their first clients. A long-time artist, Easley wants to make a career move from sculpting bronze, to building custom trailers. The North Texas Enterprise Project is making this possible.

“People who are geniuses and come up with these great ideas, like myself, sometimes lack the ability to put together the business aspects of it," says Easley.

“Instead of giving them a fish, we're going to teach them to fish, and link them up with resources they need to make their dreams of having a small business a success,” says Fowler.

The project directors say lifting up grassroots companies, is one of the most stable ways of promoting this local economy. They hope to have 50 small-business success stories within the project’s first year.