Credit Card Thieves in Texoma

8-11-05 - You might be surprised at how easily credit card thieves can steal your money.

Last month, someone broke into the home of a Howe family stealing six credit cards. Police think that the suspect then sold the cards to the man and woman that were caught on tape using them.

The couple used the self-checkout line at a Sherman store, charging almost $300 worth of groceries to the stolen credit card.

The same couple hit several Sherman, Denison and Durant stores while racking up more than $800 in total charges.

Police are hoping the tape will help reveal their identities.

“I think they have distinguished enough features that someone will recognize,” Sgt. Mark McRee of the Sherman Police Dept. said.

Howe police say they do have a suspect in the home burglary, and it isn’t either of the two people on camera. $40,000 worth of jewelry was also taken in the home burglary.

If you recognize either person on tape, contact the Sherman Police Department at 903-892-7290.