Historic Bell to Be Saved

It's the oldest structure still standing in Savoy, Texas and it's about to be up for sale. But before it goes on the market there's a piece of history inside that's being saved that many have heard but never saw until now.

Savoy ISD has owned the property for the last ten years and while restoring it is their dream, it's going to cost too much. But thanks to a Savoy family member, they are saving the sound.

This bell was put in when the church was built in 1878. The founding father of this town, Colonel William Savoy, donated the land to build the church. And when Nancy Savoy, the wife of William’s late grandson, came to visit recently she visited the church.

She decided to donate $25,000 to the school district, which is being used to take down the bell, restore it, and display it where everyone can see.

The superintendent says the biggest challenge will be removing the bell, but once that's done, a special committee will be figuring out where and how to display it. Once it's complete, Ms. Savoy will be flying in to be the first one to ring in the new bell.

The remaining money from Ms. Savoy will be placed in an annual scholarship fund, providing a one thousand dollar scholarship in honor of her and her husband.