Drug Tests for High School Students?

8-12-05 - As kids start heading back to school, another district in Carter County is looking at drug testing students in extra curricular activities. But some parents say the district isn’t moving fast enough.

During last Monday’s school board meeting, drug testing was one of the hot topics, but, in the end, the board decided to table the issue for another time.

In May, Dickson voted to start drug testing students and some parents in the Plainview school district thought their kids would be next, but the board doesn’t want to pass the issue too quickly.

Superintendent Steve Merlin says they need more time to research if it really works and if folks want it.

Some parents say the issue is about the safety and future of their kids and feel the board is moving too slow. They want drug testing implemented by the end of the year.

“If you can stop a few students from using or get many more to get off the drugs, I think that is a positive thing and the direction we need to be moving in.” Plainview parent Tina Callender said.

The superintendent says another problem is that they don’t have the funds right now to do the drug testing. Tina Callender’s answer is to have the kids in extra curricular activities donate $20 to get the tests done.

The Dickson school district did their first round of student drug testing back in July. The district says every student passed.