Girl Donates Hair to Charity

8-12-05 - For the best lessons in charity, sometimes we don't need to look any further than a child. On Friday, a child's charity began with a haircut.

Four-year-old Colleen Billmeier has been begging her mother to have her haircut for the past few months. She couldn't stand her hair hanging past her waist anymore.

Well, it wasn't until a couple weeks ago that her mother said 'yes,' but only under one condition. That the 12 inches chopped off today go to Wigs for Kids, an organization dedicated to providing wigs for children who've lost their hair, primarily from cancer treatment.

Colleen is starting Pre-K on Monday. She's excited to have a new-do and be helping someone else have one, too.

Colleen says she feels like a new person and is planning on keeping her hair short for a while. But it's going to take some time for her family and friends to get used to it.