Discovery Gets Green Light for Launch

7-12-05 - NASA officials have given the green light for the launch of the space shuttle Discovery - the first flight since the Columbia disaster 2.5 years ago. If the weather cooperates, Denison's mayor will have a front row seat.

Mayor Bill Lindsay left on Tuesday for Cape Canaveral, where he'll sit in the VIP section for the launch. Lindsay was a Marine pilot and a friend helped arrange the good seats.

The agency's administrator, Michael Griffin, says the last few
technical concerns have been resolved. And he says, "We're go for
launch tomorrow, pending the weather."

The shuttle is set to take a crew of seven to the international
space station.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Dennis, thunderstorms have been in
the forecast along Florida's Atlantic coast. NASA earlier today
said there was a 60-percent chance the weather would allow an
on-time launch. That's down from a 70-percent chance the agency
offered yesterday.