Revitalizing Sherman Main Street Program

7-12-05 - The city of Sherman is working to bring the Main Street program back to the downtown area. It ended in 1998 after a five-year run, but its return could spell increases in state funding and grants.

It's been seven years since downtown has had a Main Street program. While the interest has never really gone away, the drive to revitalize it is finally here.

This program could open a lot of doors for downtown, especially in getting state funding and grants. Supporters of Main Street say the potential money could make facade improvements on downtown buildings.

Back in the nineties, Sherman had this program for five years and made strides in the restoration of downtown. But in 1998, director Cary Wacker left, the city never replaced the position, and the program faded away.

Now she's on the city council and would like to see the program back in action.

Downtown representatives will make a presentation for the city council on Thursday at their budget retreat. If that goes well, they will start the application process, and Sherman could be a part of the program in a year and half.

You may remember at last year's retreat, the city set aside $300,000 for downtown renovations and sidewalk repairs.