Gas Prices Threaten Meals on Wheels

8-17-05 – Homebound senior citizens around Sherman rely on Meals on Wheels for a hot lunch each day, but high gas prices threaten to discourage volunteers from making those deliveries.

For the first time, Meals on Wheels of Sherman needs more drivers. Because of the anticipated departure of some drivers at the end of the summer, and the rising average age of drivers, the program is actively recruiting more people. These volunteers drive their own vehicles for about an hour making deliveries in a designated area. They also pay for their own gas.

“Gas prices are totally a factor here. These retired people live on fixed incomes and it's hard for them, but they do give of their time and gas. When you have to drive your own car on a daily route, sure, you're concerned about the gas,” says Linda Jay, manager of the Meals on Wheels program at the Sherman SNAP Center.

But long-time volunteers say their efforts really aren’t costing much in time or money, because they enjoy helping out the homebound seniors. They say many of these people are often lonely, and need to see that friendly face at the door.

“They’re all just so sweet and so appreciative. It just feels like you're doing something for the community and for others,” says Patricia Lewis of Sherman, a two-year volunteer driver.

Meals on Wheels currently needs five or six more drivers to work as much or as little as they like. To volunteer, call: (903) 892-3733.