City Worker Suspended - Auto Parts Missing

8-17-05 - An Ardmore city employee is on paid leave while the city investigates $18,000 in missing auto parts from the city garage. The garage performs maintenance for up to 60 city vehicles every week, but last month workers could not account for hundreds of missing parts.

The discrepancies were first noticed back in July. Inventory in the computer didn't match what was actually on the floor. When the city took a closer look, it found someone had been cooking the numbers to make everything look OK.

At this point, city leaders have suspended the garage superintendent, putting him on administrative leave with pay. Their next step is to find out what happened.

The city says it’s keeping an open mind of what may have happened to the repair parts. It says they could have been properly used but never recorded in the books.

The city has around $50,000 worth of parts in that garage. After the investigation it plans to restructure the way employees use the parts to make sure discrepancies don't happen again.