Dry Hydrant at Wilson House Fire

8-26-05 – A fire in Wilson caused thousands of dollars in damage to a home, and fire crews were delayed in fighting it because a hydrant was turned off. The Wilson Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched to a home off 76 and Ridge Road around nine this morning.

The fire started in a bedroom and caused smoke damage to the rest of the house. No one was home at the time.

When the firefighters hooked up the hoses, no water would come out of the hydrant. Instead they had to use their reserve tanks on their trucks to put the fire out.

City officials had shut off that hydrant and other because vandals would open the valves. They say fire crews had the key to turn the water valves on, but overlooked it in the rush to fight the fire.

Firefighters say the family cat may have knocked over a lamp that started the blaze.