"Weatherizing" Keeps Cool Air In, Heat Out

7-15-05 - It's the middle of summer and for many Texoma residents, the electric bills rise as high as the temperatures outside. But weatherizing a home can keep that cost down.

Taking steps around the home to prevent temperature loss inside and out is a simple, inexpensive way to save on electricity. TXU Energy and the Boy Scouts from Sherman Troop 9 partnered up this week for an energy home makeover. The boys worked their way through Judy Hughes' home, surveying electrical appliances, to find out where energy-conserving changes could be made.

"The idea is to really teach people and educate people on ways to conserve energy and ultimately save on electric bills," says Carlos Santos, of the program in its second year in Sherman.

Santos estimates that thorough weatherizing a home can save up to $200 a year on electric bills.

The Boy Scouts helped Ms. Hughes find plenty of ways to conserve energy. Improvements made include replacing lights with compact energy bulbs, caulking window frames, and wrapping water pipes. Easy, do-it-yourself projects that many families can do.

"It's a ripple effect," says Scout Master Kim Thompson."These boys learn something and this house will benefit from their survey, but they'll take back the knowledge to their houses. So six or seven houses will benefit from what they've learned here today."

To perform an online audit of your own home, using the TXU Home Energy Advisor, log on to www.TXU.com. Click on "Residential" and go to "Energy Savings & Tools."