Car Salesman Busts Identity Thief

7-16-05 - Sherman authorities caught a suspected identity thief in the act Saturday after an alert car salesman tipped them off to a man trying to buy a car with false identification.

Authorities say Sedrick Smith was hoping to pull a scam at the Midway Kia car dealership, but the salesman he tried to scam happens to be a former police officer.

Salesman Greg Adcock says he knew something wasn't right with the customer. Smith said he had excellent credit, but no home address. He gave all of the proper ID-- only problem was that it wasn't his. He even signed the paperwork to drive off the lot in a brand new car. But Smith wrote down the wrong social security number on the final paperwork and the alert salesman wouldn't seal the deal.

Adcock called Sherman police, who led Smith away from the car dealership in handcuffs.

Smith is being held in the Grayson County jail for stolen checks out of Cooke County.