Emily Hits Mexico, Texans Brace for Storm

7-18-05 - CANCUN, Mexico (AP) No deaths or major damage have been reported so far from Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, where tourists and residents gathered in shelters to ride out Hurricane Emily.

The storm came ashore early today as a category-four hurricane, after tens of thousands of tourists were moved out of their hotel rooms to shelters yesterday. The hurricane has weakened some, with top winds now of close to 100 miles an hour, after knocking out power and phones to much of the region around Cancun. Earlier, the storm was blamed for four deaths in Jamaica, and two from a helicopter evacuating drilling rig workers off the Mexican coast.

The National Hurricane Center expects the storm to strengthen once again as it gets back out over open water. Hurricane watches have been posted for the coasts of northern Mexico and southern Texas.

Hurricane watches are already up as far north as Baffin Bay -- south of Corpus Christi. Landfall is projected for sometime Wednesday.