Church Shootings - 911 Call For Help

8-31-05 - The 911 call for help moments after a shooting rampage in rural Fannin County is shedding new light on the horror that played out on Sunday night. Kenneth Wolf made the 1st call to a 911 dispatcher and then spoke to a Fannin County Sheriff’s employee. He told authorities what he and his wife had just seen outside the Sash Assembly of God, just north of Honey Grove.

He says Fred Cranshaw, a neighbor known as a troublemaker, walked over to a small group of church members and began berating them.

“He came over and he said ‘I'm tired of you hymn masters, talking to me and following me every where I go.’ He said ‘I'm going to stop it.’ A guy in the church said ‘Sir, I don't know what you're talking about,’ and he said ‘you start off and get smart with me and I'll snap the (expletive) out of you’"

Wolf then told authorities that Cranshaw left, but returned later armed and shooting. “All I know is the man, he's got one arm, he's got his right arm cut off at a the shirt sleeve. He had the gun underneath his shirt and he reached over with his left hand pulled the pistol out and he fired, point blank, basically point blank about five feet away from our pastor and at that point, I grabbed my wife and ran, oh my God, and he shot two more people at the corner of 409.”

Deputies cornered Cranshaw inside his home, where after a 9-hour standoff he committed suicide. His victims were pastor James Armstrong, deacon Ernest Wesley Brown, Holly Love Brown of Greenville and Ceri Litterio of Fannin County.