Power Outage West of Ardmore

8-31-05 - Almost 10,000 people west of Ardmore were without power much of Wednesday morning and OG&E still doesn't know why.

Power went out around 10am in parts of west Ardmore and the entire towns of Lone Grove, Wilson, and Healdton.

OG&E does know it was a transmission line that feeds three substations that went out, but they are still trying to figure out why.

Lone Grove Police had to man intersections at Brock Road because lights were out.

Gas stations had to turn away customers or consider closing because they couldn't pump gas or run the cash register.

"Told them the electricity was out and wanted to know why and I told em I don't know," gas station owner Wade Taliaferro said. "I have no idea."

Power came back on around 11am. Because they don't know why it happened, OG&E doesn't know if it will go off again.