Best Friends Gunned Down In Church Shooting

8-31-05 - Shock has turned to grief in Fannin County, at the scene of a deadly shooting spree Sunday night. It began outside the Sash Assembly of God Church where a pastor and a deacon were shot and killed by Fred Cranshaw.

Before Cranshaw turned the gun on himself, he also shot and killed two women sitting in the truck at a stop sign near the church.

Best friends Holly Brown and Ceri Litterio were on their way home from a trail ride and were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Litterio lived in Leonard with her husband Kevin Esk and her 15 year old son. Esk describes his wife as a woman who spent her life helping people. She worked at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic in Dallas and spent her spare time riding and training horses. Kevin and Ceri spent many of their weekends riding with Holly.

Ceri had decided to go home with Holly to Greenville and the two women were on their way through Sash when Cranshaw opened fire on their truck. The women jumped out of the truck and tried to run, but Cranshaw gunned them down.