Nursing Home Co-Owner Arrested

7-19-05 - A nursing home owner was arrested Tuesday for stealing $10,000 from a 93-year-old Tishomingo woman. Fifty-one-year-old Bill Don Hix is the administrator and co-owner of the Hillcrest Nursing Home for two years.

The victim was never a resident. The woman came to police about a month ago, claiming Hix stole $10,000 in cash from her home.

Tishomingo police aren't saying much about their on-going investigation except the allegations do have merit. They arrested Hix at the nursing home late this morning.

The victim actually met Hix at Hillcrest two years ago while she was visiting a relative. Since Bill Hix does work with the elderly, the Tishomingo Police Department plans to turn their findings over to adult protective services so they can conduct their own investigation. As for how Hix allegedly stole the money, police aren't saying.

He's officially charged with grand larceny and has been released from jail on a $50,000 bond.