Searching For Loved Ones

9-1-05 - Katrina has split up several families including some right here in Texoma who are still waiting on word of their loved ones.

Organizations like the Salvation Army are doing all they can to re-unite families or at least tell them how the ones left in the New Orleans area are doing.

But with so many cases, most are left to find out that news on their own.

The damage done by Katrina has almost completely shut down the circuit boards for cell phone service in the area.

Joan Shoenfeld currently is staying with her brother in Howe after leaving New Orleans on Saturday. She's one of thousands trying to get back in touch with family that stayed behind.

She hasn't heard from her husband since Monday despite several failed telephone calls.

Efforts to get information through organization like the Salvation Army and Red Cross could mean staying on hold for hours.

The Salvation Army does have a website setup for those looking for friends and family. On that site you can enter the name of the person you are looking for and Salvation Army personnel in the area will do what they can to update you on their health and welfare.