Teens Burn Gainesville ISD Building

Arson, vandalism, and burglary all hit the campus of Gainesville High School in one night, but the teenagers who did it were caught on tape.

A storage building for the Electric Red Dance Team of Gainesville High School was set on fire early Saturday morning. Everything inside, from uniforms, props and equipment was destroyed. Firefighters found it fully engulfed in flames around five-thirty Saturday morning.

Gang-related graffiti was also sprayed on a nearby portable building and on a wall at the football stadium. A security camera was also stolen near the football field, but with the help of a security camera near the storage building, the four juveniles were easily identified and taken into custody that morning. Three of them attended Gainesville High School at some point.

The four are currently being held in the juvenile detention center in Denison on arson charges but could face burglary, graffiti and theft charges. The county attorney tells us two of them could be tried as adults. That hearing is scheduled for some time next month.

It was estimated around $10,000 of equipment was in that storage building, and the electrical wiring for the ten portable buildings was completely destroyed.