Thieves Target Cars & Churches in Ardmore

7-21-05 - Ardmore police are trying to solve a string of car burglaries as well as two church break-ins, all on the same night. Thieves hit 15 cars Wednesday night in the parking lots of two hotels.

During the week, parking lots at Ardmore hotels are filled with corporate worker vehicles. The thieves burglarized eleven cars in the Holiday Inn parking lot and another four at the Hampton Inn. They stole mostly laptops along with camera equipment and even an overhead projector.

But police say more disturbing were two burglaries on the other side of town. The First Church of Nazarene along with the First Christian Church both had their offices broken into, but the only thing stolen was a boom box CD player.

Police do have surveillance video from the Hampton Inn break-ins. They're still reviewing the tape but say right now they're looking for about four suspects.

The churches and hotels will beef up security until the thieves are caught. Police will also have extra patrol in those areas.