Sign Warns Pottsboro Drivers

9-20-05 - A deadly car crash this weekend near FM 120 killed the second Pottsboro teenager in the last three weeks. Now, a sign has been put in at the intersection of FM 120 and FM 406 to remind drivers how dangerous the road is.

The sign was hung Sunday afternoon, and it shows drivers that 17 accidents and three fatalities have happened thus far in 2005.

Rebecca Backschies lives off of FM 120. A Pottsboro resident and business owner, she hears ambulance sirens on a regular basis and finally decided to do something about it.

She contacted the Preston Volunteer Fire Department before Labor Day to get the statistics for accidents on the road and to have the sign made.

The fire department was happy to help, and they even handed over the money to pay for it.

"If we included last year, I know we'd be up to 6 in the fatalities and it just hurts my heart that the young people are not getting a chance to live their life before they're taken," Backschies said.

This number doesn't include this weekend's accident that occurred one mile off of the highway on Tanglewood Boulevard.

Although these numbers are not permanently on the sign, Backschies hopes she won't have to change them often and that the sign will speak for itself.