New Plan for Attracting Business

The city of Ardmore hopes a new marketing campaign will make them more competitive when it comes to attracting more business.

In the past year, many downtown shops have filled with new businesses and sales tax collections are up. Now the Ardmore development authority says it's the right time to change Ardmore's image to expand even more.

Today the ADA, along with a marketing firm, released their new strategy plan. Instead of promoting and recruiting on a state level, the city will now focus their attention nationally. That means getting more articles written about the town in widely circulated news outlets.

A few weeks ago an article written in the USA Today newspaper sparked interest as far away as Iowa and even Germany. But it doesn't stop there. They’re also changing Ardmore's slogan from “Dallas is coming our way,” to “There's more within reach.”

The ADA also put together a prospect recruiting committee, so when a prospective business does come to town, the entire city is ready for their questions, not just the chamber.

The Ardmore Development Authority hopes this new strategy will expand specifically the Ardmore Air Park with new business within in a year.