Car Burglars Caught on Tape

7-25-05 - A surveillance tape has captured four thieves from a string of burglaries last week. Now Ardmore police are hoping it leads to their actual capture and the end to a rash of crime.

We told you last week about car and church burglaries throughout Ardmore. Over the weekend the thieves hit again, stealing even more.

Police say it's unusual that the thieves are hitting cars and businesses all at once. Now they’re hoping surveillance tape of one of the crimes will help them catch these criminals.

Police believe the men broke into 15 cars at the Hampton and Holiday Inn parking lots last Wednesday night. On the tape, you can see them strolling around the parking lot. One even looks into an SUV. They go out of frame but return heading into the woods with the stolen goods in their hands.

Over the weekend thieves also broke into the American Red Cross, a dentist office, and storage sheds. They made off with $5,000 in equipment and four ATVs. And police believe the burglaries from this weekend and last week are all connected.

Police also believe whoever is committing these crimes is doing it just for quick cash and will keep breaking into cars and businesses until they're caught.

Police say if those crimes are all connected, the thieves have stolen over $20,000 worth of items so far. If you have any information, your asked to call the Ardmore Police Department at 580-223-1212.