Local Emergency Mgmt. Prepares for Rita

9-22-05 - In the wake of some agencies being unprepared for Hurricane Katrina, Carter County is making sure they will be prepared for the worst from Rita.

Emergency Management doesn't want to scare anyone, but they do want everyone in Texoma to be prepared because Hurricane Rita could bring flooding, high winds and even tornadoes.

Directors started calling rural fire departments today telling them to get everything ready. Fire Departments are double-checking equipment and making sure all volunteers are on-call.

The eye of Hurricane Rita is forecasted to take I-35 North across the border into Love and Carter counties. Rita is expected to dump six to ten inches of rain in Southern Oklahoma, bring 50 mile-per-hour straight winds and possibly even spawn tornadoes.

"We've taken oaths to protect lives and protect property, and that's what our business is all about," Ed Reed of the Carter County Emergency Management team said. "We're resources in the emergency management business as well as coordinators and working with outside entities."

Rita is expected to hit the state line around noon on Sunday.

Carter County Fire Departments are holding more meetings Wednesday night and Thursday.