Vandals Strike Ardmore School Bus

7-26-05 - Ardmore's string of burglaries and vandalism is now costing school districts around town hundreds of dollars.

A chain link fence has been going up all summer in Plainview's bus parking lot. The district hopes it will stop vandals from targeting their buses like last year. But it was an Ardmore bus that vandals attacked on Sunday night.

Someone threw bricks through several windows and destroyed video equipment inside the bus with a fire extinguisher; it all happened while the bus was at a maintenance shop.

This past spring, Plainview's buses were hit four times. Vandals slashed tires and also broke windows. Each time a bus window is broken out, it can cost the district hundreds of dollars to fix.

Just that one bus over the weekend will cost Ardmore nearly $1,000. Both districts plan to also add security cameras and more lights to their bus barns to help keep vandals away.