Boys/Girls Club Closing

7-26-05 - The Pottsboro Boys & Girls Club program will cease to exist next week. City leaders are replacing it with a school-based program, but some parents say their kids will be missing out on the faith-based elements taught by the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army has run the program out of a Pottsboro city building for the last 3 years. But the city informed the non-profit group this month that they won’t be needed in the future. The city is replacing it with the Pottsboro Kids Club, a joint operation run by a foundation. Pottsboro Mayor Frank Budra says the city will try to continue the same program, but it will be focused less on religion and more on morals and ethics.

A representative for the Salvation Army says the group was not involved in the process, but respects the city's decision. Right now, parents pay $35 a month for their children to attend when school is in session. That cost might go up slightly when the new club takes over.

Registration for the new Pottsboro Kids Club will begin August 10th.